Who We Are

Wyoming’s Premier Organizational Development & Consulting Service

We believe building an organization or campaign is something people do because they believe in making a difference. But creating change in the world requires a lot more than just a dream and hard work.

Helping organizations and campaigns reach their full potential is what we are passionate about. Our staff of young, driven, hard working wizards in Laramie, Wyoming are here to help your organization get off the ground and hit the pavement running.

Services We Provide

Compliance paperwork, legal hurdles, figuring out which vendors to work with, finding good staff, locating solid office space, getting a website up and running, and figuring out the nuanced technical details of deploying a digital engagement program are just a few of the massive hurdles today’s dreamers face.

That’s where ELLA WY comes in.

Our Amazing Staff

The ELLA WY staff is admittedly a pretty young crew. But we have this crazy idea that young, hard working people who are passionate can make this small corner of the world a better place. We firmly believe that the logistical and technical barriers that prevent changers from achieving their goals can be eliminated through our hard work. We are in the business of making big ideas into kickass realities. This is the crew.

Chris Bell
Chris BellExecutive Director/Director of Campaign Services
Chris works with campaign clients to create winning strategies that ensure our campaigns operate like well-oiled machines. When he is not busy being a brilliant tactician he spends his time watching sports way too much with his girlfriend and cat.
David Brimmer
David BrimmerDirector of Organizational Development
David works with our startup clients to help them get through super boring paperwork, navigate tax code, setup basic payroll and book-keeping systems, and works with the rest of the staff to help our clients get their projects off the ground smoothly.